A team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember which was established on September 2018. Focusing on researching and developing electric vehicle and competing in FSAE Japan.

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Anargya is a student team from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember who focused on building and developing innovative electric cars in term of technology and future of racing. Based on terminology, ANARGYA is the meaning of infinite value. Since its inception in 2018, the team has bought together a diverse range of students, from first-years to alumni. ANARGYA has always been a strong competitor in the Japan Formula SAE competition, and in 2019, the team reached the 10th Best Electrical Car. Currently, ANARGYA ITS Team has 37 members, consisting people who have strong determination and great enthusiasm from different majors in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember such as Mechanical Engineering, Physics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry, Architecture, and Business Management.

Electric Source

We love environment so much, so the main reason we chose electric source is to save the environment. Besides, compared to petrol or diesel vehicles, electric vehicles are cheaper.

Autonomous Vehicle

"Self driving cars are the natural extension of the active safety and obviously what we should do." -Elon Musk.

And our team want to bring the extension to Indonesia.

Industrial Revolution 4.0

Bringing Industry 4.0 is an important thing as it is a current trend of combinating cyberphysical systems, automation, and Internet of Things, which will create a smart industrial environment.

Formula SAE Japan 2020

The concept of Formula SAE is that each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules. The vehicle with driver will be judged in many performance tests on track to ensure it complies with the competition rules. The rest of the judging is completed by experts from motorsports, automotive, aerospace and supplier industries on student design, cost and sales presentations. This year Anargya ITS EV Team participate for the second time and ready to bring awards and trophies for Indonesia.

FSAE: Students team designs goals are to construct a prototype formula-style race car for non proffesional racer based on a series of rules. The vehicle with driver will be judged in many aspect on track to ensure it complies with the competition rules. ”

Formula SAE Car Design

Our car is fully designed and manufactured by student from Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya, Indonesia. The powerhouse of the car is made in Indonesia, 72kW Braja Electric Motor controlled by also Indonesian made controller by Wiksa Daya Pratama. This combination further supported by 259V LiFePO4 battery.


Chassis: Tubular Frame
Motor: 72kW Braja Electric Motor, 152 Nm of torque
Battery: LiFePO4 259V Max Voltage, 72kW Braja Electric Motor
Max Speed: 105 km/h

We need about IDR 0 To reach our goal

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“Don't play russian roullette with the environment, we only have one“ Ellon Musk