PUI-SKO has 2 types of testing tools Chassis Dynamometer which are located on-axle and on-wheel. In the Chassis Dynamometer type, the vehicle engine is connected to the transmission, transfer-case and axle differential. Thus, this kind of hatching uses the engine and the entire vehicle chassis in complete installation.

In testing tools using Axle Dynamometer, wheels of vehicles codename Axle (As) will be tested and connected to Dyno tools as inputs for Torque and Horsepower testing. For that, one of the vehicle wheel (left / right) should be removed, so the adapter from the Dynamometer engine can be mounted on the vehicle axle. Furthermore, in the testing device using the On-Wheel Dynamometer, the wheels of the test vehicle rely on the “Roller” spindle that is connected to the Dyno tool as input for Torque and Horsepower testing. It resulted on what is called as On-Wheel Dyno.

With the functions and benefits that exist, this tool Dynamometer can be used by various users such as producers in the automotive industry, tuners, racers or even for public. For automotive industry manufacturers, Dyno test can be a tool to test its products whether if there is any increase in performance after the product is applied to the tested vehicle or not. Thus, the product can be justified and guaranteed.

For the tuners and racers, the Dyno test results can be an assured reference to anticipate the performance of the vehicle since it can support the machine tuning process. The ups and downs of its Power graphs, Torque and AFR (the ratio of air and fuel) are used to set the ignition timing and fuel settings on machine components or machine computers (ECUs). With the detailed and good settings from this tool, it can guaranteed that the engine performance will be optimal, efficient, and surely safe.

Lastly, for the general public, especially engine modifier enthusiasts, the Dyno test results can show changes in performance. It means that the users will know for sure whether the modifications are correct and prevent them from wasting amount of money.