“Electric Solar Bus, one of ITS contribution in technology development in the form of mass public transportation of the future”

According to the tagline “ITS Eco Campus”, it affirms that ITS is able to become a college which promotes harmony between technology and the environment. It is proven by the launch of Electric Solar Bus which become the college contribution in technology development especially in mass public transportation of the future. This bus which sponsored thoroughly by Telkomsel has the same features as other buses in general such as Air Conditioning (AC) and wifi. The only difference lies in its fuel which came from solar and electric power.

It is expected that Electric Solar Bus of ITS can reduce the global warming and air pollution that increasing day by day in our society. Moreover, it also designed to facilitate the needs of the citizen especially ITS students in which it can directly reduce the number of vehicles on the road. In the future, this bus will be operated in ITS campus area to facilitate students activity.

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