“Designing and creating a technology cannot be done in a blink of an eye. It needs to be designed excellently, tested on a real scale and it will be ready for mass production”
-Muhammad Noah, Minister of Education and Culture-

ITS Molina (Mobil Listrik Nasional) Exhibition was officially opened by Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud), Mohammad Nuh, on April 28, 2014 at FX, Sudirman, Jakarta. The exhibition featured four vehicles made by the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS), two electric cars, Ezzy 1.0 and Ezzy 1.1, solar-powered cars named Widya Wahana IV, and a handmade supercar named Lowo Ireng. The exhibition was attended by several state officials and high school and vocational high school students. The cars will undergo a tour from Jakarta to Surabaya to test the resilience and socialize to the community that Indonesia is able to make environmentally friendly vehicles themselves.

M. Nuh spoke to the public about the purpose of this event. There are some ideas that he shared within his speech. First, he said that we want to prove that the state college (PTN) can create a noble idea if the opportunity and support are given to them sincerely. This is a proof that PTN not only involved in the conceptual area, but can produce a real product that benefits our country. Secondly, M. Nuh continued, students should not just stop at the competition. They must be able to convert their research into a real product. Last but not least, he said that Indonesia has an excellent valuable resources, which are intellectual resources that must be continuously improved. He delivered this speech to all the students involved in Molina project and also other audiences.