“GESITS (Garasindo Electric Scooter ITS) is predicted to become the leader of electric motorcycle in Indonesia, even ASEAN”
-Muhammad Nasir, Minister of Research on Technology and Higher Education-

GESITS (Garansindo Electric Scooter ITS) is the first automatic scooter-type of motorcycle that runs with electric power in Indonesia. GESITS project is a collaboration between PT Garasindo and ITS  that is predicted to dominate the electric motorcycle market in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

The motorcycle itself uses 100% electricity with a power of 5KW and adopts Lithium Ion battery. The users can travel as far as 80 – 100 KM. for one time battery charging. The strength of Lithium Ion battery in GESITS is 1980 WH in which one full charging only takes about 1.5 to 3 hours. Maximum speed of this motor is the same as gasoline-fueled motor in general which is 100 KM / hour.

We will sell this local electric motorcycle at prices ranging from 15-20 millions rupiah as we have planned before. “We will mass produce this product in 2017, so it can be sold to the consumers in 2018.”, said by Harun Sjeh, Project Director of GESITS. He also added that GESITS has started the pre-order sale for general public. The reservation can be done through GESITS website in www.

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