IIMS 2015

Indonesia International Motor Show is the largest and most prestigious automotive exhibition in Indonesia. It began in 1986 under the name GAIKINDO Mobil Exhibition which has only 13 members. Then, the name of the event changed to the Jakarta Auto Expo precisely in 1989 to 1999. In 2000, PT. Dyandra Promosindo joined as Event organizer so that the name of the event was changed back to Gaikindo Auto Expo. It marks the beginning of success for Gaikindo Auto Expo with the presence of 115 automotive companies after PT. Dyandra Promosindo joined the event.

As the time goes by, Gaikindo Auto Expo gets a lot of crowd attention. For example,  in 2005 the number of visitors reached 161,089 or in other words increased 300% from previous years. Notably, the name of the event was re-converted into Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) in 2006 and has never been changed anymore. Nowadays, IIMS runs smoothly and gets bigger than before, making the organizers add additional theme which emphasizes on automotive technology and world environmental preservation.

“Seeing a prototype like this makes me want to buy when it is mass produced later. It is time for Indonesian to support our own nation’s products.”
-Rossa, National Singer-

The addition of Eco-Technology theme at the IIMS event made ITS cooperate with PT Garansindo to give birth to two-wheel transportation that carries advanced technology but still environmentally friendly. IIMS 2015 became the birth marks of GESITS (Garansindo Electric Scooter ITS). GESITS is an electric-powered scooter motorcycle with power of 5KW. By using lithium ion batteries, it can travel as far as 80 – 100 KM for one-time charging. The battery needs about 1.5 – 3 hours for single maximum charging. With a maximum speed of up to 100 KM / hour (which is as same as 125cc gasoline-powered conventional engine), GESITS does not emit exhaust gas at all. It can be said that this electric scooter motorcycle can be a solution to reduce pollution level that is now at a very worrying stage.