“The name IQUTECHE means it is the brain (IKI UTEK E – Java Language).
IQUTECHE is currently manufactured and developed by a spin-off company from ITS, PT IQUTECHE Indonesia.”


Engine Controller Unit (ECU) IQUTECHE is the result of continuous research and development by System Laboratory and Industrial Automation of Mechanical Engineering ITS. This tool works to control ignition and injection system on gasoline-powered engine (motorcycle and car).

The benefit of this ECU is its ability to be reprogrammed for both fuel-efficient and energy-generated by gasoline engines. If it is programmed in Eco mode (fuel-saving mode), then it may produce fuel consumption savings of about 10% compared with conventional systems.




The main objective of this ECU study is to obtain a programmable ECU that can switch between fuel-saving mode and maximum performance (racing purposes). Moreover, the ECU must be resistant to various modes of damage and durable to any types of condition indeed.

This tool is already patented and available for a variety of motorcycles ranging from automatic one to racing / sport.

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“Our pride is that IQUTECHE is currently trusted by companies from Japan
who are eager to market this product to national and global markets.”