“ITS Solar Car Racing Team is a team that consist of college students from various majors in ITS and aimed as one to research and develop Solar Powered Car”

Car Profile (Sapu Angin Surya / Widya Wahana IV)

This car is a single passenger type of car with length of 4,5 m and 1,8 m wide. Approximately 70% of the body area of the car or 6 m2 large are covered by 348 pieces of solar panels. This car has participated in the World Solar Challenge Competition 2013 in Australia with the rules of the race car must successfully finish with a distance of 3000 KM from Darwin to Adelaide. This is the only solar-powered car from Indonesia that competed in this International Championship which was attended by 47 teams from 26 countries around the world.


The propulsion uses 2 modified Brushless Direct Current Hub motors. It reaches 130 km / hour of top speed.

Solar Panel

Each solar panel is made of silicon material and has a 22.5% efficiency. Solar cells are used for vehicle charging system in which the power generated is 1.3 KW.


The battery used in this vehicle is a type of Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) with a capacity of 5 KwH. This battery consists of 432 battery cells that arranged in series as many as 27 series in which each of them consists of 16 cells.




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